Monday, May 10, 2010

New Items for Spring/Summer - Take a Look!

We've been busy in our own studio and gallery this spring trying out new colors, designs, and shapes. This is just a sample of some of newer and popular pieces we've been making for our customers. From mugs and coasters to vases and pear sculptures we've had a great response to the new designs. We're about ready to take them on the road as our summer shows are fast approaching but we thought we would give you a sneak peek!

Great prices on items such as cups (approximately 5"T) and coasters. Our three-legged mug has become a signature piece here in our gallery. The 4" square coasters come as a set of four, wrapped with black cord and boxed.

Our pear sculptures are one of our most popular items. These come in a couple of different sizes and groupings.
Approximately 13"W x 7"D x 7"T.

The small 8" square plates and our 8" triangular tapas plates  are fun for summer parties. We often sell them as candle holders when displayed with a pillar candle.

Introduced earlier in the year, the new "Red" design is fast becoming one of our best sellers. All items are available in any of our signature color patterns.
We also have a variety of serving trays like the rectangular tray w/handles (above) or our very popular long tray, seen below. Rectangular tray 12"W x 7"D x 2"T /
Long tray 26"L x 9"D x 3"H

Our Tri-tray shown here (below) in a new color we're calling Bordeaux is also available in other patterns. This tray can either be displayed an an easel or sits nicely on its' three legs. We've made some to use in our gallery, during our monthly Artwalks, as serving trays for cheese and crackers. 
Tri-tray below approximately 13"T x 13"W x 3"D.

We've also re-designed our stemware (below) for a more festive look and changed the design of the glass bowl. We still offer three styles; white wine (all-purpose), red wine, and martini. We also offer a limited edition champagne flute. These are so much fun for yourself or guests and they make  wonderful wedding gifts! White wine glasses 11"T and martini glasses 8"T.

We're always making a variety of small, decorative vases and lidded jars. These are beautiful accessory pieces that add a nice, handmade touch to any room. The pieces below are shown in the Bordeaux design. Size of vases and jars vary. Approximately 9"-12"T

Some larger pieces we offer, like these slab-built, Japanese influenced "Hamada" bottles are exceptional pieces that look even more dramatic when displayed with some curly willow or bamboo.

These bottles are also available in any of our signature patterns. 
Approximately 16"T x 11"W x4"D.

This new mantle vase really makes a statement and is also the perfect piece to display some dried botanicals. Shown in the Bordeaux pattern but also available in any of our other designs.
Approximately 24"W x 8:T x 5"D.

Because so many people have asked whether we make clocks we decided to make a few. These have quartz clockworks and keep excellent time.
Approximately 17"T x 8"W x 1"D.
Slab is gently curved ... not flat.

  Our narrow mirror is very popular not only because it has great colors and is finely crafted but because of its size. Since it is only 24"W and 34"T, it can be place just about anywhere. We can also custom design mirrors to fit any space.

If you have any questions regarding our items please give us a call at 330.253.3808.
 We would be happy to discuss pricing, availability, colors and shipping. 
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