Monday, December 28, 2009

Stop by New Years Weekend

We'll be open this New Year's Weekend (Friday and Saturday) and offering our customers 20% off any gallery purchase. If you're looking for something fun to do, why not stop by the gallery and enjoy a warm cup of cider while you browse the many items in the gallery. Bring your out-of-town guests and show off the creative side of Akron!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Still looking for a great gift?

We have so many wonderful gifts to choose from and a wide variety of price r
anges, too. Everything is made right here in our studio. When you stop by you'll be able to select from the many handmade beautiful pieces of pottery and ceramic jewelry. And don't stress out ... we'll even gift wrap your purchase-FREE! Make last minute shopping an enjoyable experience. Stop by, look around, play with the dogs. Hey it doesn't get any better.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friends and family will be able to toast the holiday season every year when you g
ive them a pair of our signature wine glasses. Our stemware is available in three "styles". We have glasses for white wine (good for all-purpose), red wine, and the ever popular martini which also makes a great glass to serve some type of frozen dessert. We have special holiday pricing - any 2 for 98.00 (reg. 116.00 pr). Plus, don't forget we offer FREE GIFT WRAPPING. Stop by the gallery this Saturday between 12 & 9pm. We'll have some light refreshments available while you browse.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Took a break this morning and headed up to The Sculpture Center in Cleveland to see the work of Japanese ceramist Yasuhisa Kohyama. The show is in its final days at the center and it was now or never to see this incredible work. "The work of Kohyama, 73 years old, is an expressive and bold bridge between the ancient techniques of Sueki and anagama firing and contemporary Japanese abstract ceramics." The surface is unglazed but the the variety of surface textures, colors, and sheens are beautiful, giving each piece an amazing amount of depth. Even though the pieces are thick-walled, there is no sense of them being awkward or cumbersome. In fact, they almost seem to float off the display pedestals. There is a certain richness to the surface that can only be produced by this type wood firing. Kohyama has achieved the perfect balance between form and surface.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We're full of it....

Gift ideas that is. Are you stumped about what to get that special someone? Heading to that holiday party and want to show your appreciation to the host? Stop by our gallery and view the variety of handmade items and latest creations from our studio. You'll be amazed at the possibilities. Many unique, finely crafted and best of all, affordable items for you to choose from. We also offer free gift wrapping.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Our local newspaper ran a story today, appropriate for this time of year, about the unique businesses in our downtown area. They ranged from a peanut shop to a religious artifacts store with some really cool galleries in between. But the thing I noticed immediately was the absence of any mention of the shops/galleries/studios located in the Northside District that obviously includes us plus the Glassworks plus the Red Light studios.

At first I felt slighted but then, as with what usually happens with a story like this, it gave me pause for thought. I started thinking about why we settled where we did and, in fact, it was probably that very reason we were overlooked by the writer of the story. The fact is, this is a very special area and people do have to seek us out in order find us and that's what makes coming into our studio/gallery a great find. I mean, we've been here 18 years and somehow people have managed to find us amid all the other commercial clutter. I like the people that still have a sense of adventure and inquisitiveness about things and the intuitiveness to keep looking for that special find because it makes them feel unique. We're not on Main street or in a strip mall, we're tucked away where, well, not everyone can find us.

I remember being in San Francisco and while walking, unknownly taking a wrong turn down a dimly lit alley and coming upon a small basement restaurant in Chinatown. To this day, the meal and experience of discovery that I enjoyed that night is in the top three of my life ... and that was 30 years ago! That's how I want people to feel when they walk down our "nicely lit" alley and experience the gallery that awaits them behind those old brick walls.

Most of the people in our building and neighborhood are some of the hardest working people I know and refuse to give up or give in to modernity. A few artists will come and go but most are here for the long haul. Yeah, I might feel a little overlooked sometimes but for the most part I'm glad to be under the radar a bit and off the beaten path. Because, when a person walks through our door and looks at our work and enjoys the experience, I know they'll keep coming back.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gifts for Him and Her-Don't Worry

With great stocking stuffers, we take the stress out of finding that special gift this year - affordable, handmade jewelry by us! Stop down this weekend and visit our gallery. Also head over to Akron Glassworks and check out a glass blowing demo this Friday and Saturday during there holiday open house. We'll be open till 8pm this Friday and noon til 9pm Saturday

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughtful Gifts for Clients and Customers

Why not show your appreciation this season not only to your friends and family but also to those loyal clients and customers. Choosing to give a gift from Zeber-Martell Studio & Gallery means giving a gift of quality and beauty. We have many affordable gifts that are designed to last for generations. Just look at our set of coasters. Each piece is handmade one at a time with care and patience. Isn't it wonderful to know that we as artists take so much joy in the process of making and that same joy will be felt by those who receive a gift you selected from our studio. Take it from Meg Dyer of Akron Life and Leisure magazine. She picked up several coaster sets to give to her clients as "thank yous". Stop by the gallery and check out the great gift ideas. We're open 11-8pm on Friday and 12-9pm on Saturday. Don't forget about us the other days Mon-Thurs 11-6pm. We know you'll have as much fun as Meg!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make Your Home an Artful One for the Holidays

Before guests arrive for the holidays, why not add an artful touch to your home. Our gallery has a beautiful display of many decorative accessories that will enrich your living space and have your guest saying "WOW!". Whether it's a fabulous ceramic table ornament that reflects the season or a wonderful, sensuous, 5-Pear Centerpiece (above) for your table or mantle, we have a great selection of unique, one-of-a-kind art pieces to choose from. Many new pieces come out of the kiln daily, so our selection changes often. Stop by the gallery and treat yourself to your own holiday gift. And while your there, pick up some stocking stuffers for the other people on your list. We're open 11-6 M-Th, 11-8 Fri, Sat 12-9pm (and usually working in the studio longer so just call if you want to stop by after hours @330-253-3808).

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Design Popular

Thanks everyone for a great turnout at our Annual Holiday Open House and Artwalk. So many people loved our new work and holiday items, especially our "hot red" design pattern. We'll continue to make more and restock the gallery as fast as we can.

It's so much fun this year having a finished display area where people can really take their time and enjoy the surroundings while viewing the work. Customers who haven't been in the gallery since we've remodeled were amazed at the transformation. If you haven't yet made a visit, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity to check out the new space. Stop by for a complementary glass of wine to enjoy while you browse.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Ornaments Make the Perfect Hostess or Office Gift

Whether your giving a gift as a token of appreciation to the host/hostess at your holiday dinner party or just want to show your appreciation to a co-worker, a handmade, beautifully decorated Christmas tree ornament is the perfect gift. All of our ornaments are made one at a time and fired as much as four times in order to get the desired finish. They have a clear, gloss glaze with a 22kt. gold lustre. Each ornament comes wrapped in colorful tissue in a ready-to-give gift box. Eliminate the stress of finding the perfect gift and let us make it easy to celebrate the season. Why not keep a couple on hand just for those unexpected drop-in guests. Just stop by the studio and we'll have it wrapped up in minutes!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Open House and Artwalk This Saturday, Dec 5th, 10am-10pm

Come to our annual Holiday Open House & Artwalk and shop for the very best selection of jewelry, gifts, art objects and our new tabletop ornaments. Choose unique, affordable, finely crafted, handmade items for your gift-giving this season. We'll be open from 10am-10pm.

During the Artwalk portion of the day from 6-10pm, stop upstairs and check out singer/songwriter Angie Haze. With her passionate lyrics and capturing hooks, Angie delivers a satisfying taste for soulful tunes. She is self-taught on many instruments including the piano and guitar. Playing individually or with her band, Angie will tug on your heart strings, captivate your soul, and have you asking for more.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Does Your Holiday Gift Show the Mark of the Artists' Hands?

At our studio, our work is made completely by us. We mix the clay, make the pieces on the potter's wheel, decorate and design the surface and fire them in the kiln.

When you shop at our gallery, everything you'll see is made by our hands, not in a factory, just two local artist's who love making the pieces and enjoy working side-by-side.

So when you pick up and hold one of our pieces, you'll see no two are alike and each bear in their own unique way the mark of the artists' hands.