Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bowls are stacking up

Bowl by bowl we're starting to gain on the number of bowls we need for the Empty Bowl Project. Usually it's not until later in the day, after the studio quiets down, that we can sit at the potter's wheel and begin to throw. There is a meditative quality about just being focused on the clay and the hum of the wheel that melts away all of the other daily distractions that happen in the studio.

Potter Alan Caiger-Smith said "Shapes which are repeated begin to mature without undergoing any obvious changes. The form evolves by itself, and ... you find the shape has become more agreeable simply by being made often." What you start out with goes through a natural process of subtle change and the more you make the more the bowls begin to reveal themselves as truly individual shapes never exactly what's in your mind's eye and no two ever the same.